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Area 52 has teamed up with Freerun Bulgaria to provide you with the highest level of training to learn, improve and develop your moves, flips, tricks, twists and turns, whether that be on the ground or in the air.

Freerun Bulgaria is the leading Free Running and Parkour organisation in Bulgaria. By joining the Area 52 Academy you will engage with the best Freerunners in the country who will teach you every flip and move possible.

Every Area 52 Academy workshop is split into two groups, beginners and advanced students. Each Area 52 Academy Session is for one hour, and we have availability for two groups of 20. The session includes specific warm up, different sessions in all areas of the Trampoline Park, warm down and trainers debrief.

Area 52 Academy is available every Monday and Wednesday from 20:00 – 21:00. Each Training Session is 3.99 Euro, or you can purchase 5 sessions for 65 Euro.

As the numbers for the program are small we strongly advise booking online in order to avoid disappointment of the coolest Academy in Bulgaria.

other Sessions


Launch into giant airbags or crown your family champion on our interactive games.

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Bringing your child to the specifically made Area 52 Toddler Zone will add years to the life of your bed and mattresses at home!

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Beat Nights

This is the best and bounciest dance floor around. You have never danced and partied like this before!

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The AirFit52 class is a unique way of getting fit. Exercising through trampolining is exciting and invigorating. -

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