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About us

Welcome to the original home of wall-to-wall aerial action.
Where we never stop searching for new ways to play.

Area 52 Trampoline Park

Area 52 Trampoline Park is the new epicenter of fun! The biggest trampoline park in Kosovo is now a fact and in it you can challenge gravity and jump on over 40 trampolines until the endorphin levels reach the top. Adults and Children can enjoy physical activity and choose various challenges.

You decide whether to run on a wall, make a gladiator battle with a friend, test your climbing and reaction skills on the interactive climbing wall, test your stamina and coordination on the wipe out machine, see how long you can ride the Area 52 Bull, or challenge your endurance and intelligence with the interactive wall or feel free to jump around the free zone.


Trampoline jumping is a recognized Olympic sport. This is why Area 52 Trampoline Park has installed international competitive standard trampolines. Getting physical and exercising has never been such fun! All this fun filled activity is included in the admission fee for Area 52 Jump.


Did you know that 10 minutes on a trampoline burns the same amount of calories as half an hour running? Our unique AirFit instructors do!  Our fully qualified fitness instructor will take the pain out of your gain with AirFit!

special Toddler area

We also have a special Toddler area – your bed and mattress at home are now safe! Create beautiful family memories thanks to our special Family programs. 

jumping dance floor

The one and only jumping dance floor is also here! Every Friday night the lights go down, the music goes up and the excitement begins. Two hours to jump or chill out to our resident DJ.

Parkour and Freerun Instructors

If you’ve ever wanted to learn flips, tricks and parkour elements, you can be taught by the best Bulgarian Parkour and Freerun Instructors at the Area 52 Academy every Tuesday and Thursday. 

Area 52 Café

After the jumping is over you can refuel in our Area 52 Café with our wide selection snacks and drinks for Adults and Children.

What is inside

Area 52 Trampoline Park Awaits You!